New Mitsubishi Mirage G4 For Sale

Drive Smart in the New Mitsubishi Mirage G4

As you're driving around Salt Lake City, what's important to you? Fuel economy? Comfort? If so, our staff is pleased to offer the new Mitsubishi Mirage G4. Designed for convenience, the Mirage G4 makes every trip more efficient.

Engineered for Efficiency

For drivers from the greater Millcreek area who are serious about going green, the Mirage G4 is an excellent option. This compact sedan is built to make the most of every tank of gas; you can get up to 41 mpg on the highway and 35 mpg in the city. The secret is the 1.2L MIVEC engine, which works with the available continuously variable transmission to help you go farther. Whether you're heading to work or driving around Sandy, this means that you can spend less at the pump. Plus, since the Mirage G4 is designed to produce low CO2 emissions, you can feel great about every trip.

Easy Maneuvering

Built with a compact frame, the Mirage G4 enables you to maneuver in virtually any location. It also features a remarkable turning radius of 15.75 feet, which means that you can glide into a tight compact-car parking spot with ease. If you find yourself navigating hilly routes around West Jordan, the hill start assist function makes it easy to accelerate from a stop without rolling backward. All you need to do is activate the feature; the Mirage G4 automatically keeps the brakes active while you move your foot over to the accelerator. That way, you can enjoy smooth, safe hill starts.

When the weather turns, the Mirage G4 has what you need to handle slippery road conditions. The brake-force distribution system works to help you maintain traction on snow and ice. You'll also get brake-assist technology, traction control, and active stability control; these features help you drive safely and confidently in all types of weather.

Exceptional Safety

In the Mirage G4, you can hit the road with peace of mind, thanks to a variety of cutting-edge safety features. It starts with the Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution body; this high-strength frame is designed with different crumple zones that help distribute force away from you and your passengers in case of a collision. Plus, with reinforcements throughout the body, the Mirage G4 is stable and secure. Inside, the 7 Airbag Safety System is designed for extra protection and impact resistance. The seventh airbag is positioned under the dashboard in front of the driver, adding a layer of protection for your legs.

When you're on the roads of West Valley City, the active stability control system on the Mirage G4 is always looking out for you. Using tire-mounted sensors, this feature keeps track of the way the rubber grips the road. When it detects slipping, the system activates the anti-lock brakes to keep you safe and in control.

A Comfortable Ride

Climb inside the Mirage G4, and you'll discover a spacious, thoughtful interior that's designed to keep you and your passengers comfortable. The cabin features a surprisingly generous amount of legroom - perfect for the taller members of your family. Going on a trip? The trunk has plenty of cargo room, and with the rear seat pass-through, you even have space for skis or other long items.

If you like to stay online on the road, the Mirage G4 has you covered. The available 6.5-inch display comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, so it's a breeze to link your phone directly to the touchscreen. Then, you can access maps, make calls, or play music with a few quick taps - and all without handling your phone as you drive. Or, connect your phone using Bluetooth for easy music streaming and hands-free calls. Need even more convenience? Opt for the FAST-Key System, which enables automatic unlocking and a push-button start when you have the smart key fob in your pocket or bag.

Discover the New Mirage G4 at Salt Lake Mitsubishi

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