Mitsubishi is known for coming up with cutting edge vehicles and plenty of new designs, and they haven't disappointed with their design for a hybrid SUV. One such example is the Mitsubishi GT-PHEV which is a stunning concept we are hoping to see released!

The vehicle was titled the Mitsubishi GT-PHEV and is designed to be a plug-in style electric SUV. The company described the vehicle as a "ground-tourer" as a play on words of sports cars which have been described in the past as "grand tourer." This could imply the GT-PHEV will have more of a versatile and functional feel to it when handling roads of Millcreek, Sandy, and West Valley City.

The vehicle's exterior can be described as utilitarian, with a marked focus on pragmatism over vanity. Large rectangular headlights make it apparent straightaway that the vehicle emphasizes visibility, especially when coupled with the low roofline and well-raked windshield.

The vehicle's powertrain features a 2.5L engine, which is paired with three electric motors. These motors work together in order to make the GT-PHEV all-wheel drive, which will give the utility vehicle more traction and better handling on roadways of all types.

A lithium battery helps make up the hybrid portion of the vehicle and promises to deliver a range of 75 driving miles. However, it's unclear whether this standard will hold up under EPA standards in the United States if it is ever officially tested.

While practically sporty in appearance, the GT-PHEV might very well be Mitsubishi's effort at a newly luxurious SUV. If that is the case, then it's difficult to tell what else we can expect from the teasing of this vehicle. It may very well feature a delightful array of luxurious interior features, but we have yet to be given that information.

If Mitsubishi does choose to release this vehicle, then it will be eagerly anticipated, as they have teased similar vehicles in the past without going through with them. As is, we can only wait and see what the future will bring.

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